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Please visit BDOGuilds Subreddit for guild recruitment needs. .. There are 30+ quests that give inventory slots and you can purchase it. These are quests that increase your inventory in Black Desert Online. +1 Expansion") which you have to use in order to get the extra slot. Below is a table of all the quests that will give you more inventory space the only other way to increase inventory space is by buying bag slots in the cash shop.

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[Black Desert Online] Guide: Failsafe Enchant Stacking Very Unlikely you are missing these. Did they nerf any rewards from those quests? SUPPORT BDFOUNDRY Thank you to everyone who has supported us. You get most of the quests from the Black Spirit as you level, but there are other NPCs that give them as well. Most of those do not require any monetary investment, but the most efficient ways depend on purchases from the Pearl store. The total slots that can be gained through quests are 55 in total. From what I understand the Korean version has lots of events that often give out rewards like that. Posting Etiquette The user shall not post in all capital letters, use excessive punctuation, flamboyant fonts etc. The extra slots will become locked, and items still in those slots cannot be used until you take them out of the locked slots. Additionally, you will get a free Value Pack when you buy the game:. More than enough to get by without spending cash. CONTACT US If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us directly via email at tansie. Kakao Games Europe reserves the right to take any actions necessary deemed necessary to maintain the integrity of the Service s. Cannot have accepted the quest, " Techthon and Quality Iron ". Black Desert Inventory Expansion Quests. I can only imagine what it can get up to. When kalixa card start getting a lot of inventory slots, and money, it will start weighing you. This is an archived post. Buy trade item from Hardan in Calpheon. My top 10 list starts with 16, we get 8 free due to B2P. You can use Bleach by adding it to your Dye Palette, and then using it as if it was list of wsop events normal lotto sontag. You can also purchase additional inventory slots using loyalty points and stargames bonus august.

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